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Regulations Trade Exhibitors International dog show “Pinkstershow” Evenementenhal Venray.

  1. By organization is meant the board of Kynologenclub Arnhem & Omstreken, working under the name “Pinkstershow”.
  2. When stating / requesting the stand, the size of the stand should be taken into account, including any expansion and / or placing of shelves, in front of or next to the stand. These belong to the stand and must fall within the reserved space.
  3. The publishing of advertising material is only allowed in the reserved space of the stand. This also applies to the placing of posters, flags and other advertising material.
  4. Pursuant to the regulations of the FCI and the Kynologisch Reglement of the Dutch Kennel Club it is not allowed to offer puppies or adult animals for sale before, during or after the show.
  5. After submitting the application for stand space, you will receive confirmation from the organization of the requested space. The allocation of the space takes place in order of entry and as long as space for exhibitors is available within by the organization reserved space.
  6. The organization reserves the right to refuse an application in case an excess of the same good or service is offered. The organization strives for a mixed offering of goods and services.
  7. The application referred to under point 6 will lead inexorably to an invoice after confirmation from the organization, which results from the made and confirmed request. This invoice will be sent to the exhibitor after registration and must be paid before the start of the show by means of a transfer of the total amount stated on the invoice to the IBAN account of the organization.
  8. Cancellation of an application confirmed by the organization is only possible in writing. There are costs associated with a cancellation that will be charged to the exhibitor:
    1. 50% of the original amount, when the cancellation takes place between 60 and 29 calendar days before the planned show;
    2. 75% of the original amount, when the cancellation takes place between 28 and 14 calendar days before the planned show;
    3. 100% or the original amount, when the cancellation takes place 14 calendar days or less before the scheduled show;
    4. In case of “no show” and not using the reserved space, 100% of the original amount will also be charged.
  9. The rates mentioned for reserved space are taxed with VAT (high rate).
  10. The organization also reserves the right to refuse the exhibitor, in case it appears to the organization that the offered goods / services do not match the application and / or objectives of the “Pinkstershow”.
  11. Only the day and times can be used to build up the stand, as stated on the website of “Pinkstershow”.
  12. The Exhibitor is aware that no Trucks, Van and Passenger Cars can be driven within the exhibition building. During the construction and dismantling, transport from the event hall is possible in the form of a forklift truck on request.
  13. We ask you to start with the completion of the stands only on Monday after the show in the Honorary Approvals.
  14. By submitting your application you indicate that you accept these regulations.

Arnhem, January 2018 
Board of Kynologenclub Arnhem & Omstreken.



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