Welcome to the website Pinkstershow Kynologenclub Arnhem e.o.

Free parking for exhibitors and visitors during the showdays. There are more than enough parking spaces availeble.
The car park at “De Voorde 30, Venray” will be closed outside opening hours of the show.
The car park will be opened on showdays at 07:30 am for exhibitors and visitors.
We have special parking spaces for disabled exhibitors and visitors on show of a disability card. Follow the instructions of the employees who will guide you to your place.

For exhibitors and commercial exhibitors with a camper or caravan there is a posibility to stay overnight at the parking lot at a cost of € 12.50 (including electricity). There is no opportunity to use water and other sanitary facilities.
Ask our employees to guide you to a place where this is allowed.
Also to be downloaded as PDF file

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