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Change of Judges

Modification date Show day FCI breed group Discription
22/06/2021 All minor puppies and puppies from breeds judged by Mrs C. Muldoon, Mr. J. Muldoon, Mrs R. Lochs – Romans and Mr. A. Zeppi will be judged by Mr. Horst Kliebenstein
28/07/2021 August 7 2 Mr J. Williams judges the Hovawart, Landseer ECT, Leonberger & Newfoundlander instead of Mr. Dux
28/07/2021 August 7 2 Mr. J. van Dijk judges the Sharpei instead of  Mr. Dux
28/07/2021 August 7 & 8 1,5,9,10 Mr. R. Doedijns judges all varieties previously judged by Mr. Kliebenstein

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