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registration will be open from 1 December 2019 up until 21 may 2020

Registration for the Pinkstershow 2020 will open December 1st. For registration we will use the OnlineDogShow platform again. Your registration is only valid if paid directly. Cash payments ar no longer possible. In case of issues with registration, please contact the secretary.

By registering, you consent to the fact that your data is provided in the context of the Personal Data Protection Act for the benefit of the exhibition itself, the championships and partners, as well as for activities of the Dutch Kennel Club.

Photos are also taken at the show. So it may be that you or your family members are in the picture. By registering for the show you agree with the fact that we may use your photo on our website.
If you notice that you are being photographed, and you do not want the photograph to be published, you must inform the photographer immediately. If your photo has finally been published on our website, and you do not want this, then you can send a request for removal of the photo to website@kynologenclubarnhem.nl.

Fees: First dog 2nd dog and further
Minor puppy class Older than 4 months and younger than 6 months € 35,00 p.d. € 32,50 p.d.
Puppy class Older than 6 months and younger than 9 months € 35,00 p.d. € 32,50 p.d.
Junior class Older than 9 months and younger than 18 months € 55,00 p.d. € 52,50 p.d.
Intermediate class Older than 15 months and younger than 24 months € 55,00 p.d. € 52,50 p.d.
Open class 15 months and older € 55,00 p.d. € 52,50 p.d.
Working class 15 months and older with statement of working class € 55,00 p.d. € 52,50 p.d.
Champion class 15 months and older with a championship title € 55,00 p.d. € 52,50 p.d.
Veteran class 8 years and older € 55,00 p.d. € 52,50 p.d.
Couple class a dog and a bitch of the same breed and variety and belonging to
the same owner € 5,00 p.c. additional
Junior handling With a registered dog € RvB p.d. additional
Catalog on paper (with your registration, you get access to the digital catalog on the show)  € 5,00 p.p.
Visitor Adults  € 8,00 p.p.
Visitor Children 4 tot 12 jaar, Adults 65+, disabled or student  € 5,00 p.p.
Not registered dog Up to a maximum of two non-registered dogs per exhibitor/visitor  € 5,00 p.d.
Camper/caravan Overnight stays with use of electricity. (EXCLUSIVE water and sanitary) € 12,50 p.c.


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